About aiot Solutions

We began our journey as a third-party deployer of IoT crypto miners throughout Latin America, where we have access to a vast network of captive cell towers. Our intentions were simple: support the propagation of decentralized wireless networks by deploying miners and be handsomely rewarded for our role as one of the pioneering champions of network connectivity. While monitoring the growth in capabilities and adoption rates of IoT (and its ecosystems), it became abundantly clear that there was a disconnect between the potential for these ecosystems and their current implementations. Specifically, we saw a compelling opportunity to create a novel, vertically-integrated solution: manufacture superior devices with best-in-class features and components, have those devices serve as the physical backbone for multiple ecosystems, provide superlative customer support, take automated actions with minimal human aid to streamline operations, and organize and present the data being collected in an intuitive manner conducive to extracting actionable insights. Today, that’s exactly what we’re working on.

Early on, our team discovered that the bulk of IoT mining solutions on the market held numerous limitations: network holes, excessive set-up expense, overly specific use cases, a lack of redundancy, inability to upgrade due to hardware limitations, protracted lead times, and poor customer service and support. Having been at the receiving end of such shortcomings, we embarked on a mission to provide a more cost-effective and future-proof solution to support the decentralized wireless network community. Confident we could do better, we decided to create our own gateway, and after months of research, planning, replanning, and endless iteration, our first prototype was delivered in May 2022.

The effort was such a success that three different gateways are currently in varying stages of design and production: Mini (pre-sales begin in Q3 2022), Pro, and Enterprise. Each device is designed for future compatibility and packed full of groundbreaking capabilities, including: the latest microprocessors; embedded sensors that detect harmful gases and measure humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure; and the latest GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth protocols. As the earning parameters of various ecosystems change, we want our products to remain one step ahead. Radair devices will also feature expandable memory slots and expansion ports that seamlessly connect to peripherals such as cameras, alarms, and other sensors. Furthermore, each Radair device will be delivered to you within 90 days of your order being placed and comes with direct support from our California-based team. We set out to fix the myriad issues that frustrated customers like us, and we’re proud to say that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The last piece of the puzzle was the data. As we studied and analyzed the IoT data that could be captured, the possibilities seemed limitless across numerous industries. We discovered an unmet need for rapidly scalable, cost-effective, open, and compatible solutions to drive enterprise efficiency, especially in the critical areas of improving customer experience and reducing environmental impact. Taking a customer-first approach led to the development of enterprise solution sets, including the Radair Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), Medical Facility Solution, and Public Venue Solution. Each solution provides unprecedented access to AI-driven, cost-effective, scalable, actionable data without sacrificing privacy, all while helping to drive efficiency in the verticals they serve.

HMS, for example, provides next-level insights to help create superior guest experiences while reducing carbon footprint. It provides easy access to valuable, real-time data to optimize staff efficiency and resource usage. Radair Enterprise Gateways will act as a backbone for this network which is further comprised of sensors, actuators, and other smart integrated devices, interconnected through a private and secure data network, helping hotels streamline daily operations, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve higher ratings.

Tying all the preceding together is the Radair Token. In addition to supporting multiple third-party ecosystems, Radair gateway devices will also be capable of participating in the forthcoming Radair ecosystem, focused on collecting actionable data. Whether that’s data helping to reduce the carbon footprint of enterprises through the aforementioned use cases, or air quality data through sensors deployed by individual consumers, the Token will be awarded based on “proof of utility”, minted as a reward for quality of data, with parameters to be maintained and published by the Radair Foundation.

To say we’re excited about what we’re doing would be an understatement, and we’ve only just started our journey! We have a lot more exciting announcements coming soon, so stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter at Radair.io and connecting with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.

-Team AIoT Solutions